Reflections through my Starbucks window

As I sit watching the world go by in a coffee shop … I can’t help but notice how uncomfortable people seem to feel in their own bodies. I notice a woman standing in the middle of the street, waiting for someone. She is moving her hair from left to right, over and over. She tugs at her top, I think she is trying to pull it down, make it longer, hide her body. I really feel for this woman. I can’t stop watching her (hopefully she doesn’t catch me), she looks so unhappy to be in her own skin.

I want to tell her that she is the only one who looks exactly as she does. No one else has her hair, her skin, her eyes or her exact shape and shouldn’t that be celebrated?! Why are we constantly trying to be someone else, look like someone famous, a best friend or sister or brother? I wonder how long she’s felt like this? For anyone reading, do you also feel the same?

Time to make a change people. You are who you are, yes, if you’re unhappy with your weight, you can exercise or change your diet. Don’t like your nose, sure, you can have surgery to change it. But don’t HATE yourself because of it, because you are so unique and that my friends is a bloody amazing thing in my opinion. I’m urging you to have a little smile to yourself, take 5 minutes to just appreciate that you are here, living and breathing!

Also, who knew coffee was such a stimulating drink for the ol’brain 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Thats my thoughts for the day over, hope you enjoyed! Bye for now, Deb x