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Hey, me again 👋

I was wondering if I should bother continuing with writing the blog, it’s that constant feeling of fear, “why would people read this?”, “why the fuck would people care what I have to say”. At the same time, I feel very strongly about a lot of aspects surrounding Move Studios and all the benefits I know people will feel from coming along and experiencing the vibe and the classes we put on. So instead of being an absolute Debbie downer on myself I’m going to continue … I recently received a message from someone over social media that I was completely overwhelmed by and it got me thinking about people’s mental health, and how the studio is trying to combat negativity. This person wanted to share how much they enjoyed the studios forward thinking when it comes to what we are promoting with our classes. Move doesn’t advertise that our classes are there to get your body in shape for summer, it doesn’t focus on what your body should look like, because who the hell are we to tell you that?! I run the social media at the studio and I can tell you right now, I’m just a regular person, out here, trying to let people know, whoever you are, you’re pretty fucking great. I’ve been very fortunate in life, I’ve always had a very good group of friends and a close family, who are always there to support me in everything I try (and fail at) in life. Not everyone has that support system. Not everyone has a person in life they can turn to, to remind them they’re special, to lift them up or to tell them they’ve got toilet paper stuck to their shoe (that last one is really important guys). So what has my rambling got to do with the studio?

Move studios is here to be that person for you. I’m always there to ensure that every single person that walks through our door is treated with kindness and support and I want to make sure that they leave with a little glow, inside and out. My teachers are also there guiding you, empowering you and forcing that positivity into your mind, whether you want it or not!

Yes, the studio has classes, the classes are the main event, the whole reason people walk through the front door. By taking part in the classes you meet new people, whether it’s sitting on the couch, during class, or after class while you’re enjoying some peppermint tea (yup, we supply tea … when I remember to put it on). Now, stay with me here … you come to a class, that’s the first step, by taking part in a class you’ve moved your body, this releases endorphins and serotonin (yes, I googled that) that travel up to your brain instantly improving your mood. By doing a little exercise and improving your mood, you’re already working on your mental health without even bloody realising it! Isn’t that great? AND for the finale, you’ve also progressed to improving your physical body – it’s like the little cherry on top of the cake and who doesn’t love cake? What I want you to take away from reading this are these three things;

● The studio cares about you. You might find this ridiculous because we may have not met (yet) but we are genuinely invested in your wellbeing, in your mental health and in your general fitness. Please know by coming to the studio you’ll always be supported, not just by me and our teachers, but by every member attending the class.

● Your mental health is SO important. Look after yourself. Talk to people about your problems and if you feel like you really can’t do that, exercise. I PROMISE it’s the best way to give your brain a little break from all the overtime its working!
● I don’t have a third but I just thought it sounded better to say three things instead of two, two sounded shit.

So, anyone that knows me will know that I never take things very seriously and I know that even just the mention of ‘mental health’ freaks people out and it turns into this extremely tense, taboo subject. Move is here to lighten the topic up. Yes, it’s very serious but if everyone just started talking a little more everyday and if everyone started taking time out for themselves, honestly, I’d say we’re on a pretty great road to getting this under control! Please remember that I am NOT a specialist in this topic, this is simply my view on how I think we can start helping each other out 🥰

Thanks for reading my rambles,

Peace ✌