I think, therefore I am?

When I first heard these words, they massively confused me … I was in a nasty headspace at the time, I didn’t want to be what I thought I was. I was in a negative place and who wants to feel bad all the time?!

Yeah … me neither.

Doesn’t it feel like you have no control over your own thoughts most of the time? Once you’re down or sad, it’s almost impossible to crawl your way back to happiness. When you think about it, it seems strange, why would you choose to stay sad? That’s right, I said choose, because guess what … you are in control of your own brain! WHO KNEW?!

“I think therefore I am”

What an absolute game changer this has been. I feel like someone has just opened the curtains I’ve had drawn over my eyes. I was recently listening to a podcast ‘How to fail by Elizabeth Day’ in which she has a very profound and meaningful chat with Mo Gawdat. Mo had the lifestyle he always dreamed of, wife, kids, amazing job and yet he was suffering from depression. When Mo’s son very suddenly died in a routine operation he realised he had two choices. Continue to feel sad for the rest of his life over the loss of his son, or choose to feel happy that his son had been a part of his life in the first place.

I won’t ramble on about the podcast because you need to go and listen for yourself but what I took away from it was this;

I go about my day to day life, usually, extremely happy. However, there are choices I make and paths I choose to go down that ultimately lead me to a sad place. I then, like most people, choose to wallow in it. I spend hours worrying and getting myself into a bloody state. Why do I do it to myself? I have yet to train my brain to choose happiness, thats why. 

Mo gives his brain a nickname, she’s called Becky (which I think is hilarious). Whenever Becky comes up with some ridiculous idea, like blaming Mo for something and ultimately leaving him feeling bad, he questions her. This might seem absolutely ridiculous but think about it, don’t always trust your brain, she doesn’t always have the best ideas. She throws sadness and fear at you, but you control her … not the other way around! This logic is so obvious yet how many of us actually do this? Do we realise we can control our own thoughts, we choose how we want to feel about things.

Choose happiness. Let go of the negative.

If we all lived by the very simple saying: “I want to be happy and I want everyone else to be happy” Imagine how wonderful life could be. This issue is once again sponsored by the ramblings of caffeine and podcasts, I hope you take something good away from it.
Deb x